Aero Club "Arturo Ferrarin"

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Thiene Airport - LIDH

Thiene airport has a very long tradition: at the beginning of the first world war it was , with Asiago, one of the main bases of the Italian Air Force, for the obvious reasons of its closeness to the Pasubio - Folgaria-Asiago Plateau front.
At the time of the Austrian offensive in May 1916 during which the imperial army conquered the Asiago plateau, the airport was the main Italian base for several weeks, and the fighters and observers which took part in our army's successful resistance and in the counter­-offensive in June and July took off from it. Evacuated in the autumn of 1917 as it was reached by the long-range shelling of the Austrian heavy artillery, it was later used at alternate stages until the end of the conflict by the Italian Air Force and by the Royal Air Force and then abandoned. It was reopened during the second world war in July 1943 as an emergency "landing strip" for the Italian Air Force based at the nearby military airport in Vicenza, soon replaced by the fighter divisions of the Luftwaffe, and of the ANR. The new civil airport was officially inaugurated and opened for local traffic on 4 October 1970 in the area parallel to the site of the old Thiene military airport.


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